New Shows on WHWS

Starting Monday January 12th, WHWS is pleased to add six new shows to our daily lineup, all brought to you by our Jazz & More host, Jake Longwell. Weekday episodes will run 10am to 11am, Saturdays will be 11am to 12noon.

For the first week, we’ll run double episodes, starting an hour early, to welcome the new shows to the lineup. So tune in at 9am during the week, and 10am on Saturday, just for the week of Jan.12-17.

Here’s some descriptions from Jake himself:

Mondays (10am) The Jazz Scene
Unlike many syndicated Jazz shows that focus on one specific artist or performance every week, Jazz Scene will feature an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary jazz. Everything from dixieland and swing, to bebop, cool, latin, soul-jazz, and occasionally some more contemporary sounds, though nothing too jarring or shocking. So, no “free jazz” or fusion or acid jazz. Just an enjoyable hour of music designed to satisfy most jazz fans.

Tuesdays (10am) Classics and Beyond

This show will feature a lot of classical music that is downplayed, if not totally ignored, by most classical stations. Emphasis will be on music composed within the last century. And my definition of “classical music” is a bit broader than most. I will feature such unique styles as minimalism, sound collage/tape manipulation, computer music, new orchestral works, fusions of classical and jazz stylings, and even some progressive rock bands that had strong classical influence. All of this, with the occasional “traditional” classical work.

Wednesdays (10am) Sounds from the Global Village
Unlike most world music shows that focus on modern, more dance friendly world music like reggae, salsa, and afro pop, the global village will focus more on traditional, folkloric music from all parts of the world. Sure, I will play some contemporary stuff for good measure, but you will mostly hear traditional ethnic music, including many field recordings made during the first half of the last century. You will hear virtually every style of folk and roots music there is, as well as fusions of music and culture from totally different parts of the world.

Thursdays (10am) Jazz Progressions
Focusing on modern and more experimental jazz sounds, you can expect to hear free and avantegard jazz, along with jazz/rock fusion, acid jazz, and jazz influenced electronica (lounge, exotica, and some drum ‘n’ bass with jazz overtones). This show is designed for those who enjoy artists who stretch the boundaries of this great music called jazz.

Fridays (10am) Lake Air
Featuring new age, acoustic, singer/songwriter, light jazz, and some world fusion music to give it a more contemporary feel.

Saturdays (11am) Upstate Radio Theater
Presenting classic sounds from radio’s golden age. Every week, USRT gives listeners a little taste of what radio sounded like in the days long before television. Classic radio series’ from the 1930s through the 1960s, and even some more contemporary radio dramas from time to time. Comedy, westerns, mystery, sci-fi, crime drama, radio plays, and even children’s shows, if it was part of the golden age of radio, it’ll be on the Upstate Radio Theatre.

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