3 Replies to “William Smith Herons in the ELITE EIGHT! (Soccer)”

  1. I was really disappointed when I tried to listen to the game live, and because the “free listener capacity” had been reached I was required to go pay money to a site to be able to hear the game. It’s too bad that you can’t find a company that won’t charge for the service…I listen all the time to the broadcasts on-line, and am a former player…hopefully you might be able to look into a different way of providing the game live…because it is really fun to listen to! 🙂 Sincerely, Leah Cornwell

  2. Sorry about that Leah…to be honest I’d totally forgotten that the WHWS webcast is limited to 25 simultaneous listeners. We’ve never needed more than that, but we’ve never broadcast this far into the NCAA’s on WHWS, either.I’ll have that bumped up for the next round(s) in two weeks.

  3. Actually, it’s very likely WS Soccer game(s) will be simulcast on both WEOS and WHWS, so that will inherently add additional webcast capacity.It depends on whether or not HOB Football wins this Saturday, as that might set up two games at the same time.Either way, there will be SOME additional webcast capacity for the WS Soccer NCAA final four game(s).

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